Wagatha's Organic Dog Biscuits, P.Nutty, 8 oz.

Item # RGS042420v
Wagatha\'s Organic Dog Biscuits, P.Nutty, 8 oz.


Human Grade Certified Organic Ingredients:

whole barley flour, peanut flour, bananas, applesauce, peanuts, ground flax seed



Crude Protein, min- 13.3%, Crude Fat, min.- 10.6%, Crude Fiber, max. -1.3%, Moisture, max- 3.2%, Ash, max.- 1.94%


Wagatha's Organic Dog Treats is an artisan bakehouse in the Green Mountains of Vermont. With a small and dedicated crew, we bake the highest quality biscuits using USDA certified organic ingredients. 


Who is Wagatha?


Wagatha represents all dogs. She is an adventurous pup, the embodiment of a youthful spirit. In our tale, Wagatha is rescued by a baker, and becomes a hero with her leaping prowess and kind social skills. She is a best friend, thus:


In Wagatha We Trust...




Wagatha's mission is to treat dogs and owners well by making the highest quality dog treats and offering the best customer service to those who care for dogs. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers (two legged and four).