Bradford Farmhouse Brand Toffee

Item # RF-BFBT
Bradford Farmhouse Brand Toffee
1/2 pound bag of delicious toffee coated with chocolate and sprinkled with toasted almonds! 
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Made in very small batches in a 1780's farmhouse in Middleboro, Massachusetts, Bradford Farmhouse Brand Toffee makes toffee the old fashion way adding their own flair and flavors for an updated take on a classic favorite.

With flavors like Caramel Coconut, S'Mores, Almond, Original, Cranberry and Maple Walnut, you're sure to find a favorite!

It is my hope that when you try Bradford Farmhouse Brand Toffee, it will take you to a special place for just a moment. It will be one of those sweets that you savor and something that you are happy to share. Most importantly, I hope that you will take some special time to treat yourself and enjoy!” -- Amy Bradford