RJR Champagne, Westport Rivers

RJR Champagne, Westport Rivers


RJR Champagne, Westport Rivers, 750ml.

Julia Childs' favorite local champagne!


Westport Rivers world famous Champagne Method. Spectacular white grapefruit, vanilla bean ice cream, and savory toasted sesame play out amid the typical and familiar to many "RJR" profile of lemon brioche, apple bread pudding, and waves of caramel with delicate ginger on the finish. Tiny bubbles grace the sip, while umami glutamates, a chemistry that can only happen with enough time in our cellars before we riddle and disgorge, lends a depth that’s mesmerizing. Having passed the spicy kimchi test at Simjang in Worcester (it was recently their by-the-glass sparkling), the RJR can handle the “from canapes to curry” gambit. But you really haven’t had a burger until you’ve had it with Champagne!


Massachusetts only. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase wine.

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